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Some Details

The duo are based in Glasgow, and Volume One was recorded in Malcolm’s music for film studio. Cello on the album was performed by Robert Irvine, one of Scotland’s finest musicians, it's not often you hear cello on a jazz album! There is also some fine drumming by a mystery contributor.

Jazz Readers

The primary inspiration for the album was the 1960/70s American guitar player Boogaloo Joe Jones. Boogaloo did not gain wide recognition until his music was uncovered by the acid jazz movement of the 1980/90s, by which time he had given up performing to become a minister.

The duo love the rich and varied sound of the Gibson guitar and many vintage models were used on the album; some of them are featured in the images section. Anyone who wants to chat ‘Gibson’ is welcome to get in touch. Main guitars used were ES330, and LG1 used for rhythm parts and the Barney Kessel, Johnny Smith, ES125 and Les Paul Recording used for lead playing.

Acoustic instruments were recorded using a Gefell m990 microphone.

The album was recorded in between the soundtrack for various films and tv scores including Young Adam, a collaboration with David Byrne, and Pilgrim Road (the 2008 Willard Grant Conspiracy album co-written / recorded / produced by Malcolm). For further information see www.malcolmlindsay.com.


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